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So, this is a blogging site. This is a blog.

Don’t ask me what my blog is about.

Why, you ask? Well… simply because I don’t really know yet what it’s about. Basically, I’d have to say it is a place to put down all my thoughts about the things and people I encounter during my day to day.

If you only want to read about technology, not environmental impact of palm oil, then this is not your site.   If you want to read about social media but not social impact, then this is not your site.   If you want to read about the most eclectic and random topics that could possibly find thier way into one site, then maybe this is your site.

I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone has any comments about what I say here, or if it turns out that I’m just recording my thoughts and interests for my own reflection,never to be viewed by another sole.

Be warned, I’m kind of interested in everything. Thus, I have opinions on everything.  I’m likely to have opinions you agree with, but possibly some you won’t.  It’s going to be an interesting ride.

If you want my thoughts on something please ask!  I’ll let you know my thoughts on any topic that you would like to put forward.

Let the games begin!



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